welcome to my blog, Words and Other Malarky–a place of wit, humor, and shenanigans. i am just another Writer With a DreamTM who’s on a mission to catalog her journey, engage with a community of like minds, and build an online presence for future endeavors–all the while sharing with others what i learn along the way. i am but a sapling in this great, tangled forest that is the internet. or maybe more like a sprout… or a bean…?

so, “malarky…” that’s not a word you hear everyday. do people even use it anymore? i don’t know, but here’s a simple definition:

malarky (n.)

meaningless talk; nonsense; bunkum.

that about sums this blog up. ironically, i would hope, but only time will tell.

fair warning: i started this blog in 2017 and then abandoned it shortly after, so there are some posts left over from those good ol’ days that i just don’t have the heart to delete–yet. as it turns out, a blog left untouched does not age like a fine wine. it doesn’t do much of anything, really, except haunt the back corners of your mind.

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i’m excited to be back! stay tuned for new content every Tuesday and Friday.