new blog, who dis?

really? that’s the title you’re going with?

so i’m not the most original when it comes to titles. so sue me. no, wait, don’t–!

hello, my name is becca, and this is the relaunch of my failed 2017 blog, Words and Other Malarky. it failed for several reasons, the most significant reason being that i wasn’t consistent enough. well, you live and you learn, i guess. take two!

then again, i was a full-time student at the time, so i guess you could say i had other priorities. but now i am free of my academic shackles (class of 2019, wya?) and thus free to write as much as i please! excluding work, of course. gotta pay them bills. and student loans.


just get on with it!

okay, okay!

it seems redundant to have a blog about writing, but since it’s the thing i’m most passionate about, i couldn’t imagine blogging about anything else. i don’t travel much (yet?!), i don’t really wanna talk about my day-to-day life (it’s pretty chill), i have an okay sense of style (but nothing to write home about), and my cooking skills are… average. i do love food, though, so that might make a guest appearance here and there.

but mostly, i’m gonna talk about writing, or really, storytelling–whether it’s books, TV shows, movies, music, podcasts, you name it. don’t get me wrong, though–this is not, per se, an arts and entertainment blog. i won’t be doing a whole lot of reviews, is what i mean. as i get more familiar with the blogging world, i’ll recommend people who do. but my focus is on what myself and others can learn, as a writer, from the things we read, watch, and listen to.

i, myself, am partial to creative writing, especially novel-length stuff. i like to write science fiction, paranormal fiction, and even creative non-fiction (which is basically what a blog is). so, in addition to observing others, i will be talking about the writing process in general (plotting stories, developing characters, revising, etc.) and cataloging my own journey from obscurity to… being published?! it may sound a little cocky, and trust me, i have no illusions about the publishing process. but everyone starts somewhere, and i’m a firm believer that your attitude and perseverance determine your success.

michael scott quote

mission statement?

i really don’t want this to be a “Me Fest.” i know how self-gratifying blogs can be, and i don’t want to be one of those people who just blog to feel important. but then again, there’s something compelling about reading about one person’s perspective, otherwise we wouldn’t do it so much. regardless, i want others to be entertained, inspired, piqued, or even irked. i want feedback, constructive criticism. i’m still on a learning curve, college be damned, and i want others to be able to learn and grow with me.

so sit back, relax, and buckle your seat belts (contradict yourself much?!) because this is gonna be… a thing.

did you like my Michael Scott reference? what’s your favorite quote from The Office? or favorite quote in general? comment below!

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