nanowrimo: week 1

Hello! I’m back to planet Earth. Actually, I’ve been here the whole time, just hiding under a rock because it’s cold here and I’m always on my computer. But yeah, I haven’t posted anything in over a week. Probably no one’s noticed, but if you have, aww, I feel special!

So, this one’s going to be short and sweet, a quick update and maybe some thoughts. That’s probably going to be the pattern for the next few weeks, to be honest, and I think it’s okay. Life ebbs and flows, some months you’re hot on the ball (speaking of blogging specifically, in this case), other months you’re, well… not. So it goes!

As many of you know, NaNoWriMo is well underway. I’ve never actually done it before, and to be honest, I’m not doing the traditional version where you write 50,000 in 30 days. That would be fun one day, and if you are doing that, I’d be curious to know what your novel is about!

But yeah, I’m doing something different because NaNoWriMo, at its core, is just a way to motivate yourself to focus on a writing project for a set period of time. For me, I have a draft that I’ve been sitting on for, oh, like 3 years, I think? The problem (which is really just me being weird) is that it’s more or less Christmas-themed, so I only felt motivated to work on it during the holidays. Gotta love that Christmas spirit, am I right? Well, it technically is the holidays, and I’ve got plenty of spirit, so my first goal is to finish the draft. It was at about 38,000 words when I started on the 1st, and this week, I’ve done about 8,300. So not bad! I probably have 5,000 or less before the draft is actually finished. Then, I have a second project, but more on that later.

Obviously I’m not going to get into the synopsis… yet. Not because I’m being protective, but because I’m chronically insecure about my writing. Ha! Cheap talk from someone who blogs and has put her short stories on the internet. But I think this is pretty common for writer types, which is why I do stuff out my comfort zone. So I’ll probably share the synopsis next week, when I feel more confident about it. And also when it’s not almost midnight my time and I’m not distracted by Law and Order: SVU. Anyways, that’s enough for today. Maybe next week I’ll be less journal-y.

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo, tell me how your project is going!


Image by Лариса Мозговая from Pixabay

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