exciting news for 2020!

Hello, world! This one’s going to be short and sweet, and as per the title, it’s going to involve some exciting news. At least, I hope it’s exciting. I’m excited.

First, a note: I’m changing my blogging schedule. I should’ve done so a long time ago, but I was being stubborn. I’ll be posting on Saturdays instead of Fridays now, and Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays. Probably no one will notice the change, but I felt the need to announce it anyway.

So, what is this exciting news?

*drumroll please (or not)*

I’m starting a YouTube channel in 2020!

I know what you’re thinking (lies: I don’t)… “Is this necessary?” No, it’s not. Absolutely not. But I’m doing it anyway, if only for the experience. If it totally fails, okay. I learned from it. If not, then, awesome. Like blogging, I’m really just doing this for the fun of it. I had an idea, and I’m going for it. Better to try and fail than to never try at all, right?

michael scott quote

I’ll be posting one of those “Welcome to my Channel” videos next week and explaining what exactly I’ll be doing on it, so be on the lookout for that! I’ll also post blog versions of my videos, which means that if my bumbling awkwardness in front of a camera isn’t to your liking, you can always read my bumbling awkwardness instead!

Until then, have a very Merry Christmas, or Happy Hannukah, or Happy Festivus… whatever the heck you celebrate!

Any big plans for 2020? Also, since it’s the 20s again, can we bring back swing music, art deco, and all the other stuff we romanticize about the Gilded Age??? I’m here for it!

Image by Daniel Friesenecker from Pixabay

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