so i “published” a book

Ah, yes, “published” is in quotes because, before you get excited, it’s not publishing in the traditional sense. Nor is it in the self-publishing sense. It’s, well, it’s… I don’t know, like a sophisticated version of Wattpad? I don’t know. I’ve never used Wattpad.

So, you remember my NaNoWriMo project? Well, I went back to it recently and realized, “This is pretty okay, but I think I can make it better.” Thus the deep revisions began. That was, in itself, incredibly eye-opening and rewarding, but maybe I can talk more about that more some other day.

So I got it into what I think is actually a pretty readable state and posted it on Swoon Reads, which is a pretty cool site where you can submit and read manuscripts from aspiring authors. Some even get published! I don’t pretend to have any delusions about that sort of thing, but at the very least, I can get some feedback and learn some stuff, right? Right?!?!

So, against my better judgment, I’m inviting you to read my manuscript–at your own risk, of course. Here’s the link:

Yes, it’s still called Sugar Plums and yes, that’s a Nutcracker reference. It’s a fractured fairytale based on the folklore of the ballet (not the ballet itself) but it’s not really Christmas-y until the very end (and even so, it’s more of a passing reference). I mean, isn’t it like Christmas in April right now or whatever the frick? Someone in my apartment complex has their Christmas tree up, for crying out loud. There are no rules anymore!

Anyways, if you’re bored and looking for something free and kind of good to read, I would greatly appreciate any feedback! I think you have to make a Swoon Reads account, but it’s free and super easy. Plus there’s a host of other books on the site, better ones than mine I’ll wager!

If you do make it through the whole thing (God bless you), please leave me a review on the site! And, in the spirit of reciprocity, if you have something you’d like feedback on–poem, novel, whatever–drop it in the comments and I’ll return the favor.

Here to putting yourself out there!

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