books and beers: save the date by morgan matson

Is there a better combination than books and beers? Oh, you didn’t know those two things could go together? Well, allow me to enlighten you…

First, a quick update. As you may have surmised, I have aligned my blog posting schedule to my YouTube posting schedule. This is totally for my own convenience–it makes so much more sense right now to coordinate content versus doing two separate things on the same day, one for the blog, one for the channel.

Besides, I should definitely be making blog posts to correspond with every YouTube video… (and I should probably backlog my first Books and Beers video for continuity’s sake!) But rest assured not everything from now to the end of time will be tied to YouTube!

I have a plan… I think. I just need to make it through my impending wedding so my life can calm down a little!

Speaking of weddings…

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the book

For this installment of the Books and Beers series, I read Save the Date by Morgan Matson. In the midst of planning my own wedding, I just couldn’t resist a wedding-themed rom-com!

This YA romance is about a teenager named Charlie who is the youngest of five siblings–and her older sister, Linnie, is getting married! That means that all the siblings will be reunited in their family home for the first time in forever. It will be just like old times… or will it?

Nope, of course not! Channeling some Sixteen Candles and some Cheaper By The Dozen, the weekend does not go as Charlie planned. Family shenanigans, missing tuxedos, conspiring neighbors, and cute boys all collide to make things way more hectic and imperfect than Charlie envisioned… but in the end, she learns some valuable lessons about family, forgiveness, and the tendency to romanticize the past!

I super enjoyed this book! It was cute, I loved the family themes, and it made me feel a little bit better about how my wedding planning has been going. Some of the humor felt a little forced (which I forgot to mention in the video) and there was an underdeveloped plot twist (which I spoiled in the video), but overall, I definitely enjoyed it!

I highly recommend this for fans of Sixteen Candles, The Wedding Planner, or just YA romance in general!

the beers

I definitely didn’t pick these beers out for the aesthetic! Okay, maybe I did… and let me just say, mistakes may have been made. Definitely watch the video if you want to see how I react when I drink whiskey because hoooo boy.

And here’s the beers mentioned:

Grapefruit Radler by Stiegl

Sweet, refreshing, and barely tastes like beer! A delicious summer drink for those who like citrus and drinks that don’t taste alcoholic!


Social Club Seltzer: Old Fashioned by Anheuser-Busch

Love the can, not a big fan of the taste… diluted, carbonated whiskey. Good for fans of whiskey cocktails.


Rosé For Daze Rosé-Style Ale by Oskar Blues Brewery

Bright, refreshing, sour-tasting ale. Gorgeous color! Didn’t get any prickly pear or hibiscus… but I still loved it anyway!


Honorable Mention: Natty Light Seltzer: Catalina Lime Mixer

Looks better than it tastes. Good for getting drunk on a budget but that’s about it.


And there you have it! Have you read Save the Date or other books by Morgan Matson? Have you had any of these beers? (If you want to call the Social Club Seltzer or Natty Light a “beer…”) Tell me about it in the comments!

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