Book Review: No More Lies, Alec Brock by Larissa Lopes

I finally get to do this! Welcome to my book review for the second book in the Alec Brock series by Larissa Lopes: No More Lies, Alec Brock!

I told my story of how I got involved with this series launch in my review of the first book, so I won’t repeat it here, but let me tell you, lots has happened since then.

For one, last month, Larissa wrote a fabulous guest post for me as part of the Alec Brock blog tour. It’s amazing, so make sure you read it!

Second, I’ve found myself actively participating in the fandom, which has actually been super fun! I could go off on a whole tangent about why I don’t normally join fandoms, but I’ll spare you today for the sake of time.

And rest assured, I’m still giving a 100% honest review! But I will confess to being a fan, so, take it or leave it!

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the synopsis

Linda González finally has what she came to Los Angeles for: Alec Brock’s heart. But being the girlfriend of a famous pop star is not always easy. Especially when she’s being watched by someone other than his fans.

The only thing Linda knows about the impostor is that he played with her heart for over a year, and now he’s threatening to hurt her. Always one step ahead of the police, he seems to be nearer than she expected. Without knowing what he looks like, Linda can’t trust anyone.

Not even Alec.

When Linda uncovers a shocking secret Alec kept from her, she realizes everybody lies. If she wants to get to the bottom of this mess, she’d better start listening to her own heart instead of other opinions.

Is searching for the truth worth risking her relationship? Or is she afraid to face the impostor she might still be in love with now that she’s finally dating the guy he was supposed to be?

my review

After reading and enjoying the first book, I was super excited to finally read Book 2. And my excitement was not in vain. Start to finish, this book was just as much of a joy to read as its predecessor (lol it makes it sound so old but irl these came out less than a year apart). Gripping, heartfelt, and nuanced, No More Lies was everything I wanted the second book to be… but at the same time, it was not what I expected.

Following the events of All My Love, the main, pivotal conflict is solving the mystery of who Imposter Alec is… and let me tell you, answering that single question kept me hanging on every word. For a series that doesn’t proclaim itself to be in the mystery genre (and I would say definitely stands firm as a romance) it sure does employ many of the elements you would expect to find in a good mystery. Most of all, misdirection. It was very well done and I was thoroughly surprised. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that!

Keeping in line with a critical review, I will point out one thing I critiqued: at times, it did feel like the central themes were a little on the nose. Linda shares her thoughts and revelations a lot, which often means she spells things out literally for you, particularly life lessons she learns. It didn’t take away from the experience, and it could honestly be a me thing, but it’s just something that stood out to me.

Also, I don’t mean to complain about the fact that the book has a warm and heartfelt message. The world needs more warm and heartfelt. And to be fair, the story as a whole kept its feel-good themes consistent without becoming overly saccharine. Even though the romance is sweet and innocent, the characters and situations still remain nuanced and complex, especially as you get deeper into the mystery.

The greatest achievement of this book, to me, is that it left me with a lot to think about. I was satisfied with the ending, but not necessarily 100% happy, if that makes sense. Which is the mark of some good writing, so I’ve heard! Good thing there’s a Book 3 on the horizon, because this knot in my stomach needs to get unknotted!

If you’re looking for a YA Romance series with heart, realism, and emotional nuance, then you’re going to love the Alec Brock series. Obviously read the first one first, but if you’ve already read it, what are you standing around for? Go read Book 2!!!

a bonus…

The Honey Pop magazine did an Alec Brock Dream Cast the other day that you MUST check out if you’re a fan of the books! It’s AMAZING!

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