Starships & Cyberpunks: A Sci-Fi Book Promo!

Hello, hello! Just popping in really quickly because I have a fun announcement: I’m participating in a book promo via BookFunnel, which allows indie authors a chance to team up with fellow writers in their genre and get the word out to everyone’s newsletters and social media accounts! Pretty cool!

The theme of this promos is Starships & Cyberpunks, so we’re obviously talk’n science fiction! The Last Celestials may be heavy on the fiction light on the science, but it is technically an alien contact story so I still made it in the gate! Big thanks to BookMojo for hosting this event!

So here’s how it works: follow this link to the landing page, where you can browse the list and see if anything catches your eye. Of course you’re welcome to choose The Last Celestials but if there is something else you see, we all benefit from the extra exposure!

These are not free books, by the way–just to be clear! Clicking on a book cover will take you to a landing page with a book summary and where you can find it! It’s a way to discover new books and new authors with minimal effort! Heyo!

Also, side note, not important: I just think it’s funny that my book cover stands out so starkly against these very traditional sci-fi-looking covers. Not a complaint–I absolutely love my book’s cover and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It fits perfectly. It’s just… different! Which is good, right? At least you can’t say I’m just like everyone else!

This promo runs from now until March 31st so you have plenty of time to check it out!


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