The Last Celestials Cover Reveal!

It’s finally here, the cover reveal for The Last Celestials by Becca Mionis… which, yes, is me. It feels weird to say it like that, but it’s for SEO, okay?!

Not too long ago, I announced that I was publishing a book, and now we are exactly a month out from publication day! So much to do, so little time, but at least I can cross this very important item off the list: the cover!

Let us not waste another moment, shall we? I’ll start with the Instagram reveal, which is where I posted it first as a cute little graphic… because drama!

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The Last Celestials Cover Reveal

And now here it is in its unencumbered glory! I seriously couldn’t have asked for better. Minimalist, understated, yet captures so much about the story!

the last celestials book cover reveal

And the best part? It was designed by my own sister, an artist and graphic designer who doesn’t normally do cover art (hard to believe, right?) but graciously accepted the challenge.

She’s been part of this book’s process since the beginning so there’s no one who knew its essence better than she did. Knocked it right out of the park!

Check out her Etsy shop, Heart and Palm Studios, to see more of her awesome work! (Would you believe that her specialty is actually hand-drawn watercolors?)

You can also find her on Instagram!

And now for some book promotion!

The Last Celestials is set to release on February 14th, 2022, just in time for Valentine’s Day! It will be available in paperback and ebook on Amazon and probably some other distributors, though I’ll let you know for sure once I find out more!

Preorder should also be available soon and those details will follow shortly. In the meantime, allow me to share the final synopsis:

A defeated general. A jaded princess. A really awkward situation.

Orion and Cassiopeia are the last of their kind: an ancient, powerful race of space-dwelling beings known as Celestials. After losing a terrible war against another, deadlier race, Orion appeals to Cassiopeia, hoping she’ll help him save their species. After all, he’s a male, she’s a female… This shouldn’t be complicated, right? Wrong!

Cassiopeia, who has been living like a recluse for centuries, wants absolutely nothing to do with Orion. And not just because he has no manners; there are things she doesn’t want him to know, secrets that drove her to self-exile. So she does the only logical thing she can think of: She runs away to Earth, where she allies herself with a group of young musicians and adopts their easygoing way of life in order to blend in. It’s the perfect hiding place, right? Wrong!

Little does Cassiopeia know, Orion is way better at tracking than he is at romance… though he may have to become good at both if he wants a second chance.

Not bad, eh? Took me forever to think of that tagline!

I’ll continue to share updates about the book’s progress on social media, primarily Instagram, so be sure you’re following me over yonder if you want to stay in the loop!

I’ll only post big milestones here on the blog (and big BIG milestones on YouTube… betcha forgot about that, huh? Trust me, so did I!) but there will also be a mini blog tour the week of The Last Celestials’ release featuring other amazing book bloggers, so stay tuned for more details about that, too!

Until next time!

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  1. Looks super good! Love the colors.

    1. Thank you!!! She did a good job 🙂

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