The Last Celestials Pre-order is Now Available!

Exciting developments, ladies and gents! The Last Celestials pre-order is now available for ebook (Amazon and Kobo) and paperback (right here on the blog)!

Things are moving right along and I couldn’t be more excited as we approach the big launch on Valentine’s Day. Hey hey, for the reader in your life who likes romance with a side of sci-fi, what could make a better Valentine’s Day gift than a new book? *friendly elbow nudge*

Okay, since I’m waxing sales-y already, let me just pitch the paperback for a hot minute: I just got my first proof copy in the mail and it is BEAUTIFUL! I chose a matte finish on the cover and it is as tactually pleasing as it aesthetically pleasing. You will not regret putting this on your shelf, if I may be so bold to say!

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If you missed out on the cover reveal, check that out here!

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The Last Celestials Paperback Pre-Order Special!

And what’s more, I’m offering a very exciting pre-order special for the paperback! Free shipping on all US orders PLUS you get an autographed copy, packaged with care by yours truly!

Taking a peek behind the veil a bit, the reason I get to do this is because I chose to self-publish; therefore, I am my own publisher, publicist, marketer, and (in this case) distributor.

Most of the distribution side of things is handled by the venerable IngramSpark (industry standard for self-publishing), but as the author, I can order paperback copies wholesale at my discretion and sell them from my own backyard (or from the trunk of my car, as it was done back in the olden days).

I’m super psyched about it because it means I can add my own personal touch and do cool things like this!!!

So without any further rambling, here are the pre-order details!

Check out the full product page!

Pre-Order the Ebook on Amazon and Kobo!

If ebooks are your jam, pre-order is also available on Amazon (for Kindle) and Kobo! Of course, paperbacks will also be available to order from both sites following launch day on February 14th!

(I also plan on keeping the option to order paperbacks directly from me open, but we’ll see! Maybe I’ll do more special promos!)

Pre-order on Amazon here!

Pre-order on Kobo here!

One More Special Announcement!

There will be a blog tour from February 7th-February 12th, culminating in a launch party livestream on my YouTube channel on February 13th!

More details on the launch party to come, but the blog tour is organized and ready to roll! I’ll make an official post with all the right links when we get closer to that week, but to build hype, here is the line-up:

All these bloggers are incredible (except for that Words and Malarky one–she’s a hack) and I’m so excited to be able to work with them!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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