Where to Find The Last Celestials In the Wild

This is everywhere you can find The Last Celestials in the big, wide, world! (I’ll be sure to keep this post updated as–fingers crossed–more locations get added to this list!)

Bet you can’t guess what region I live in based on these locations, but this isn’t just for locals… I’ll tell you where you can find the book on the Wild Wild Internet at the end!

where to find the last celestials by becca mionis

Disclaimer: post contains affiliate links.

Park Road Books – Charlotte, North Carolina

Park Road Books, located in the Park Road Shopping Center in Charlotte, was the very first physical home of The Last Celestials! Find me in the YA section near all Marissa Meyers’s books… not by merit, just because of where my name falls alphabetically!

Bookstore website


That’s Novel – Camp North End, Charlotte, NC

That’s Novel is a charming little second-hand bookstore located in the new, trendy Camp North End, a shopping and entertainment district in downtown Charlotte. You’ll find That’s Novel inside a local market called Lokal (pronounced Low-kay, which makes zero sense to me but what do I know?) in the Charlotte author section!

Bookstore website


The Liberty Book Company – Rock Hill, South Carolina

Liberty Book Co is a second-hand bookstore in Rock Hill packed to the brim with awesome titles… including mine! Find me in the local authors section with the blue curtain!

Bookstore website


Biblioboard – Participating South Carolina Libraries

If you live in South Carolina and your library offers Biblioboard (a free ebook platform) you can read The Last Celestials FOR FREE via the BiblioBoard website or app!

Find me under the Indie South Carolina module, in the science fiction category! Quirky sci-fi romance awaits!

Main Street Books – Davidson, North Carolina

Located in the heart of downtown Davidson, a frankly charming little college town, Main Street Books is an independent bookstore featuring a wide array of new titles and fun, bookish gifts. Find me in the local authors section!

Bookstore website


Corks, Cooks, and Books – Rock Hill, South Carolina

As the name suggests, this trendy wine bar/bookstore combines my three favorite things: wine, food, and books! The co-owners (a publisher and a chef) combined their passions to create a truly unique dining experience. Find me in the science fiction section!



Where to Find The Last Celestials: Everywhere Else

Not a Carolina local? No worries! Here’s where you can find The Last Celestials elsewhere:


Available in paperback and ebook! And don’t forget to leave a review!

Check it out here!


Available in ebook for those of us who didn’t give in to the Kindle craze!

Check it out here!

Barnes & Noble

Not as prestigious as it sounds–you won’t find the book shelved at any locations, but you can order it directly from the B&N website!

Check it out here!

My Website

If you want to support the author to the fullest, ordering it directly from my website actually has the highest profit margin! Plus, I’ll sign it and wrap it up pretty for you! Gotta love the personal touch!

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