about me

hi there. my name is becca, and i’m just another nerd with word processing skills. just kidding–i’m pretty good with a pencil and paper, too. (ba-dum, tsss… no? okay.)

i graduated in may of 2019 from a private liberal arts college in Midwest, USA with a BA in English and a minor in music performance (viola gang!) because, well, obviously i wanted to make tons of money in my future.

no, i did the dumb thing: i majored in the things i was actually interested in, even if it wasn’t going to make me “tons of money.” and i don’t regret a single second of it.

if you’re passionate enough about something, and you’re willing to put in the work, you can and you will succeed. i believe that with all my heart, and i’m out to prove it with this blog.

i am what i call a Writer With a DreamTM (trademarked for irony, not because i actually claim to own that phrase, how friggin nuts would that be?) which is to say, an amateur who one day dreams of being published. it’s a long road ahead, but i’m excited to travel it.

so, “malarky…” that’s not a word you hear everyday. do people even use it anymore? i don’t know, but here’s a simple definition:

malarky (n.)

meaningless talk; nonsense; bunkum.

that about sums this blog up. ironically, i would hope, but only time will tell.

fair warning: i started this blog in 2017 and then abandoned it shortly after, so there are some posts left over from those good ol’ days that i just don’t have the heart to delete–yet. as it turns out, a blog left untouched does not age like a fine wine. it doesn’t do much of anything, really, except haunt the back corners of your mind.

click here to read old posts.

i’m excited to be back! stay tuned for new content every Wednesday and Saturday.

you can reach me at wordsandothermalarky@gmail.com