about me

hi there. my name is becca, and i’m just another nerd with word processing skills. just kidding–i’m pretty good with a pencil and paper, too. (ba-dum, tsss… no? okay.)

i graduated in may of 2019 from a private liberal arts college in Midwest, USA with a BA in English and a minor in music performance (viola gang!) because, well, obviously i wanted to make tons of money in my future.

no, i did the dumb thing: i majored in the things i was actually interested in, even if it wasn’t going to make me “tons of money.” and i don’t regret a single second of it.

if you’re passionate enough about something, and you’re willing to put in the work, you can and you will succeed. i believe that with all my heart, and i’m out to prove it with this blog.

i am what i call a Writer With a DreamTM (trademarked for irony, not because i actually claim to own that phrase, how friggin nuts would that be?) which is to say, an amateur who one day dreams of being published. it’s a long road ahead, but i’m excited to travel it.

so this blog may be a little bit of everything: opinion, reviews, lessons, and observations. but most of all, it’s about writing. it’s about putting words on the internet. and other malarky.

you can reach me at wordsandothermalarky@gmail.com