An Ocean of Stars




Girl, meet boy. He’s the reason you’re lost in space.

Xanorra Nepier thought she’d spend the next eight years making space colonist history: exploring the other side of the Current, the first wormhole ever discovered. But when a mysterious spaceship attacks and she’s separated from her family and crew, her only choice is to accept the help of the enemy ship’s captain. The kicker: he’s a boy her age who has never met another human before. And it shows.

Boy, meet girl. She’s the one thing that could put your mission at risk.

Captain Omen has a destiny to fulfill: to ferry his cargo on board the Atlantis and begin humanity’s next chapter beyond the stars. He certainly wasn’t supposed to rescue a stranded spacer girl, especially one whose ship he had to destroy–and who his android crew insists is dangerous. She may get on his nerves, but she can’t be all bad, can she?

Their paths were never supposed to cross, but what begins as a shaky alliance grows into a genuine connection that’s tested with each new obstacle they encounter, both within the confines of the Atlantis… and without.


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